Resources for Teaching

Below are resources for interactive activities that I conduct in the classroom to help supplement my lectures. Fellow educators, please feel free to use these resources in your own teaching.

+ Introduction to Microeconomics

Present Value Analysis

Present Value Stations: Students break up into groups and work through the stations together. Each group presents the solutions to one station at the end of class.

Supply and Demand

Wheat market activity: Student simulate a real-life market and see how market equilibrium emerges without any coordinated effort.

News analysis activity: Students break up into groups and analyze news articles to understand the impact of supply and demand shocks on market equilibrium.


News analysis activity: Students read the news articles related to demand elasticity and answer the reflection questions at the end.

SillyBandz activity: Students watch the video referenced in the handout and work through the following real-life questions. The handout covers present value analysis, supply & demand, and elasticity.

Regression Analysis

Excel activity: Students learn how to run and interpret regressions in Excel using the following real-life problems.

Market Structures

Gum Game: Students are divided into 4 groups (each of which represents a different market structure). Group 1 has 1 person, Groups 2 and 3 have 2 people, and Group 4 consists of the remainder of class.

Game Theory

Fun games for students to solve with partners.

Externalities, Taxes, and Subsidies

Activity on externalities based on Dr. Seuss's The Lorax